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Champion Mz Demeanor and Dual Champion bred Arya have KORONA pups on the ground!

3 months

Champion lines meet mass and color. This litter will have Embark health tested and DNA Profiled parents. ABKC UKC ADBA

Mac Miller son Korona has been throwing nothing but bone dome mass and color!!!

Micro pocket standard EXTRAORDINARY URAJIRO pups.

May 12th-13 2020

Pups are 3000-5000.

Micro Pups – these girls will stay under 13″ and have their daddy’s head.

Europa is a spontaneous little firecracker who loves to interact and learn new tasks.

Possible mini SD prospect as she did well on her Volhard testing and thanks to puppy culture is scared of very little. With her Rare chocolate Urajiro pattern and short tail she is ONE of a kind! $4500 UKC in hand.

Oh Betty! This micro Lilac Piebald Urajiro is a rambunctious little one. The size of a kitten with Orion’s belt and the pants to rock it, her pattern is undeniably rare. She is an active Arya daughter and her ABKC is in hand. $5000 will scoop her into your loving arms.

Staying tiny and unique

Pockets – these pups look as though they will be 14-16″ in height with nice show quality stacks. The sable male is off Ch Demi and is UKC registered.

Their prices range from 2500 co owned to 3200 outright. Crops have been done and only Euron is available.

Judy now known as Milo
Sold 3000 ABKC
Astro twin to Judy Home Now Majik. Eurok also Home.
Euron 2500 pet / 3200 reg CROPPED

Standards – These pups have the mass bone and height to be huge. Ch Demi produced big boys that have both found their homes only one show quality girl left!

Eurok found his new home

Erosia the Chocolate Queen – $4000

Erosia is a very rare Standard chocolate Urajiro with a show stack to die for, clean bite and full tail. She has the potential to be the next champion like her mom. UKC is in hand.

Classic – Wilma – Lilac urajiro

2019 and past litters

2x Champion Charlie Muscles grandkids have found great homes!

UKC & ABKC registered TBPS DYCE THA DUTCHESS welcomed a healthy litter of puppies into the world on August 3rd 2019.

The litter was dual sired by a Champion Charlie Muscles son “Duq” and Grandson Blue. DNA indicates only Aphrodite (Now known as Cola) is Blue’s in this litter!


BUYER Options:

$2000 pet ONLY – spayed/neutered (3 payments acceptable)

$2500 Co-Ownership – (Show homes ONLY) Available to be shown and compete in performance and conformation sports 50:50 on Health testing.

To be returned for one breeding at 2 yrs then transferred into your name along with 2nd pick pup to keep or sell.

$2500+ Full Rights

ABKC & UKC eligible

DNA P / VIP available

No expense is spared on their care and upkeep.

– Mom is fed a quality diet with supplements as necessary. 

– Days 3-16 pups are experiencing Early Neurological Stimulation as used in the military’s BioSensor program. In an effort to improve the performance of the dogs our goal is to imprint on our puppies to give them the best chance at becoming the well rounded Canine good citizens of tomorrow. 

– Puppies first deworm will be at 2 weeks then every 2-3 weeks up to the day that they are welcomed into your loving home.

– DNA Profile for accuracy of pedigree and documentation of lineage

– Pups will be Volhard tested at 42 days to determine which home would benefit them the most.

– Pups are UTD on age appropriate vaccines and microchipped as ALWAYS!

– Veterinary Health Certificates will accompany each pup and done within 10-30 days before transfer.


Athena – Standard female blue fawn

Show / service work – 1500 co owned

OR 2000 outright

DOB: 08/03/2019 ABKC IN HAND

Standard male blue brindle pup for show/service work

DOB: 0803/2019

Poseidon – Blue Classic show boy – SOLD TO ESA pet home.

Aphrodite – Blue pocket – Staying in the family

Vet visit went well. Health certificates available.

Located in PA we follow the Dog Purchasers Act and Puppy Lemon Law policies. Ethics are important here.

Shipping is available in the U.S. by myself as I am a USDA licensed Carrier!

What’s new with this litter?

We will be exploring the benefits of Puppy Culture!

Including but not limited to:

Manding – an automatic sit in front of a person the puppy is interacting with.

Potty training

Crate training and conditioning

And much more.

Who is Titanium Bred Professionals?

I am a single mom who has always had a passion for animals. We’ve been through it but I will only rise when knocked down. Bully breeds are the same way. For far too long the stigma of PitBull has taken a toll on most bully breeds.

The American Bully is a companion dog that will stand with you loyal and true. They may have evolved from the Pit Bull but did not ALL dogs evolve from the wolf, coyote, and other wild canids?

American Pit Bull Terriers breed standard tolerates absolutely NO human aggression. The dogs that were bred and trained to meet their standard were dog aggressive but they were NEVER to display dislike toward humans.

You have the negative overuling the positive. I am here to make a DIFFERENCE. A service dog breeder and handler introduced me to the true purpose of the American Bully breed  in 2015. I had some experience but she showed me the true meaning of a best friend. Her diabetic detection dog is her lifeline.

Throughout the years I made my collection. Bought and sold dogs left and right. Learned through experience.

After a few years I have a plan a vision and although a concussion knocked me back a few years the patience to regroup and succeed blossoms!

Stay tuned for health testing and many other positives this kennel will be bringing forward.

Bully Blog

Hello Bully World!

Welcome to Titanium Bred Professionals where we strive to give you the most Up-To-Date factual information and crush the myths and rumors in the meantime! Welcome to THE TRUTH ABOUT THE AMERICAN BULLY BREED!  


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