Meet THA BULLY POSSE MALEFICENT; as a diabetic detection canine she services Miesha Pestano is many ways. Although not Federally Mandated she is CGC and certified as a service animal in the states of NY and PA.


Meet Champion Charlie Muscles; as a Psychiatric Service Dog he does tasks such as tactile stimulation, blocking, alert and non-aggressive protection. Charlie is self trained by myself and has been my support during the worst of times.

Originally Charlie was to be my first stud dog and retire to a home to serve a veteran in need. The veteran found a shelter dog to meet his needs and it just so happened God ordained Charlie to stay for a reason.

Since then it has come to my attention that no one seems to know what a service dog is or the appropriate questions to ask. So I started this informational site to help a few people Learn.


If you’re interested in a true and started service dog follow the next few litters. Our Pet/assistance homes at $2000 come trained at 10-12 weeks with a starter task, puppy culture and Volhard tested.

There are a few pups from each litter that have become assistance animals whether service dogs or Emotional Support dogs. Each dog is matched with their owner after a 7 week evaluation. A few other things such as lifestyle, current pets and home makeup go into making this decision as well.

We understand that disabled and fixed income homes are in need of these dogs and for that reason have decided that pet price and $500 towards training was and is reasonable as these dogs are a vital part of helping people continue to live their lives.

There are programs out there for people that can not afford such a dog however if you can save you can afford a quality pre-trained pup.