Bully Blog

BLOG 1: It’s American Bully

We’ve all had this occur; either you’re walking your dog and someone does one of the two A’s.

ASKS: What breed?

ASSUMES: Nice PitBull!

Most of the time the people that ASK have a more open mind and actually listen when you tell them American Bully.

Then you have the OMG I love American BULLDOGS comment from the uneducated half listeners or the people that actually just didn’t hear you right. (This is where you calmly and clearly MUST do your service to OUR breed; Correct them and explain no they are a different breed). A closed mouth doesn’t get fed well it doesn’t get understood either.

ASSUMERS: How I handle them. My dog is not an American Pit Bull Terrier he/she is a different breed an American Bully.


1- SAME THING! lol –

Response 1 – Well I guess you wouldn’t be offended if I called your (Breed they have) an (Breed that looks similar) then right!?

For example: Airdale Terrier and Irish Wolfhound: Well I guess you wouldn’t be offended if I called your Airdale Terrier an Irish Wolfhound then right!? 

Border Collie : Australian Shepard / Fox Terrier : Jack Russel Terrier /

Shihzu : Poodle / You get the picture

Response 2 – No it’s not but have a great day. (Non-confrontational brush off)

Response 3: Educative – No they are not the American Bully has been recognized by the United Kennel Club for 4 years and have had their own Kennel Club for over 10 years or since 2004. They are a companion breed not a terrier or working dog which the APBT is.


To Be Continued . . .

BLOG 2: It’s Responsible Breeders That We Need

Time to set some things straight.

First of all please stop complaining about what someone has done with YOUR “pet homed” dog. It is our responsibility as breeders to spay/neuter our stock accordingly. If you had taken care of that in a timely manner it wouldn’t be a problem.

Yes it’s great to wait until after 6 months but their are plenty of shelter and rescue dogs that have made just as great pets spayed/neutered between 8-12 weeks. If it’s done already when they leave no worries. Sometimes withholding paperwork is not enough. Another practice done with some responsible breeders is a money back option when you fix your pet after 6 months. People pay the full registration price and the difference is returned when they send proof of spay/neuter. Altered dogs can still be shown they do not have to be intact.

There is absolutely no reason to sell a dog eligible for registration without paperwork. Paperwork gives proof of breed which some people need in this BSL world. Permanent registration can be done marking the dog as altered do your research. Spend your money where it matters.

Second, there are safe guards you can put in to protect your stock from open single registration it is not UKC’s fault that you have failed to put them in place.
For example: DNA-Profiling allows you the ability to challenge any single registered dog claiming your stud/dam and have it’s papers pulled if they do not comply or if they results do not match.

Do NOT breed your stud to any female without seeing the proper documentation and cash in hand. If you choose to work pup back deals and it doesn’t work out in your favor you can’t be mad at the registry because you did something that didn’t work out. If your stud has multpile litters he should be DNA-Profiled anyway it’s in most registries book of Ethics.

Yes I could pull any shelter, rescue or stray off the street and single register it with UKC with either no pedigree or a made up one. They may or may not catch it. Doesn’t make it right but neither is hanging paperwork on Bulldog mixes !

Blog 3: Register your American Bully with a Kennel Club that matters

This is THE PROBLEM. Breeders ARE IRRESPONSIBLE they do things backwards or out of order then expect the registries to take responsibility.

Yes the American Bully Kennel Club is the parent home for our breed.

However, your registry paperwork with ABKC holds absolutely no regard when the authorities come knocking on your door with BSL. UKC is a world renowned kennel club and AKC is the kennel club of our country.

ABKC is just as relevant as ADBA, IOEBA, GSDCA, or ICCF, etc to law enforcement. I am in NO way knocking those registries at all as they are the parent clubs for each breed just stating a fact. Properly register your American Bully as such with UKC for your and their protection!

Blog 4: Stop The Excuses

There is NO legitimate REASON not to register your American Bully as exactly that, they are all just EXCUSES. Just because you don’t do it doesn’t mean your dog is still not an American Bully.

CONCERN 1: I loose the pedigree when I transfer: INCORRECT

You lose the numbers of the ancestors, take a picture before you send your paperwork in – problem solved – when have the numbers of other people’s dogs even been relevant to your use?

CONCERN 2: We lose PR designation: Ok and what does it mean?

“Purple Ribbon” is a distinction UKC gives to a dog if all 14 ancestors within a dog’s three generation pedigree (parents, grandparents, great grandparents) are each registered with United Kennel Club, and are of the same breed.”

So they are not considered of the same breed of course it will fall off you STILL have and keep the 3 generation pedigree when you get your papers back.

It’s two letters it’s NOT a Title or Award, it’s a designation! If you’re worried about it pay the $20 to Bullypedia for the CP designation. It means Certified Pedigree

CONCERN 3: ABKC will NOT accept my single registration American Bully paperwork.

False ABKC WILL do an asseessment to see how your American Bully was registered. If openly with no paperwork NO they will not accept. If a bloodline they DO NOT acknowledge NO they will not accept.

CONCERN 4: ABKC will NOT accept my transferred UKC American Bully paperwork.

False: ABKC WILL accept any AmBullies transferred from APBT that there is not a bloodline challenge. It is SUGGESTED that you single register ABKC first with your APBT paperwork all you need is a picture of the front page and the 3-4 generation pedigree. Their site says 4-gen their application says 3.

CONCERN 5: It will limit my stud selection: NO YOU limit your stud selection.

This ONLY limits your stud selection if the stud owner wants a UKC APBT puppy back in return. Most could care less about UKC since they fail to even feel the need to transfer their dog but will argue until they are blue in the face that their dog is NOT a Pitbull (yes missing the space on purpose). It is just as easy to dual register your bullies ABKC and send them home with the ABKC paperwork and a UKC application for single registration at 6 months. There is NO use for paperwork before 6 months in dog sports so we can skip that excuse.

Actually we can address that too. It takes $20 and 10 minutes to get your dog a Temporary Listing Number to show in UKC so while awaiting your paperwork back you can still show your puppy right at 6 months and go for youngest champion I have one myself my very first production at that.

CONCERN 6: We need a National Breed Club – How when there are only 2 registered American Bully breeders on the UKC page for breeder suggestions? One in Chicago and one in Brazil! That would require actually working together.


I have two ADULT dogs on my yard that have American Bully Temporary Listing Numbers and have UKC APBT paperwork.

One is already a UKC American Bully Champion. She had a miscarriage on a pup back deal in which the stud owner requests an APBT registered puppy back.

I will only be registering that one puppy as an APBT under their kennel name as I DO NOT sell misrepresentations of the breed. The rest I will transfer her and register the rest of the litter separately as American Bullies. They will also have ABKC paperwork in the meantime.

She will NOT receive her Champion Certificate until she is Permanently Registered but I do have her points count.

The other female is on week 3 of whelping her litter. At week 4, I will be sending in her UKC puppy papers and breed transfer at the same time as I single register her online with ABKC with her UKC ABPT puppy papers. (Her previous owner did not permanent register her.)

When I receive her new Permanent listing number by email, I will online permanent register the litter at 6 weeks. So papers will go directly to new owners with the full 3-7 generation pedigrees. By doing it this way I will have email proof (which the new owners will automatically receive as well).

I will also be DNA-profiling Charlie Muscles as this is his 3rd litter and Ethics suggests it should be done. This also prevents any random person from single registering their dog under my stud as I will challenge any suspicious activity.

Another reason I say stay in your own yard! People want something for nothing all the time. I’d rather hold onto my pups, spay/neuter and send them away to pet homes then drop my price for a breeder that doesn’t do half as much as me. If I choose to keep my pups until 9-12 weeks that’s my option my reasons don’t have to make sense to you.

My customers are happy and that’s all that matters to me because they get what they pay for. It costs a lot of you charging high prices on pups about $30-50 to dual register a litter it costs me hundreds because I do it right but that will pay off in the end and I’m thinking ahead.

My head’s in the clouds because I’m ready to soar above all the stagnant ostriches with their heads in the ground.