Who is Titanium Bred Professionals?

I am a single mom who has always had a passion for animals. We’ve been through it but I will only rise when knocked down. Bully breeds are the same way. For far too long the stigma of PitBull has taken a toll on most bully breeds.

The American Bully is a companion dog that will stand with you loyal and true. They may have evolved from the Pit Bull but did not ALL dogs evolve from the wolf, coyote, and other dangerous wild canids?

American Pit Bull Terriers breed standard tolerates absolutely NO human aggression. The dogs that were bred and trained to meet their standard were dog aggressive but they were NEVER to display dislike toward humans.

You have the negative overuling the positive. I am here to make a DIFFERENCE. Miesha Pestano introduced me to the true purpose of the American Bully breed  in 2015. I had some experience but she showed me the true meaning of a best friend. Her diabetic detection dog Maleficent is her lifeline.

Throughout the years I made my collection. Bought and sold dogs left and right. Learned through experience. After 2 years I have a plan a vision and now a concussion that has given me a mental health ailment yet also  the patience to regroup and Succeed! I’ll be stepping back but not for long!