BLOG 1: It’s American Bully

We’ve all had this occur; either you’re walking your dog and someone does one of the two A’s.

ASKS: What breed?

ASSUMES: Nice PitBull!

Most of the time the people that ASK have a more open mind and actually listen when you tell them American Bully.

Then you have the OMG I love American BULLDOGS comment from the uneducated half listeners or the people that actually just didn’t hear you right. (This is where you calmly and clearly MUST do your service to OUR breed; Correct them and explain no they are a different breed). A closed mouth doesn’t get fed well it doesn’t get understood either.

ASSUMERS: How I handle them. My dog is not an American Pit Bull Terrier he/she is a different breed an American Bully.


1- SAME THING! lol –

Response 1 – Well I guess you wouldn’t be offended if I called your (Breed they have) an (Breed that looks similar) then right!?

For example: Airdale Terrier and Irish Wolfhound: Well I guess you wouldn’t be offended if I called your Airdale Terrier an Irish Wolfhound then right!? 

Border Collie : Australian Shepard / Fox Terrier : Jack Russel Terrier /

Shihzu : Poodle / You get the picture

Response 2 – No it’s not but have a great day. (Non-confrontational brush off)

Response 3: Educative – No they are not the American Bully has been recognized by the United Kennel Club for 4 years and have had their own Kennel Club for over 10 years or since 2004. They are a companion breed not a terrier or working dog which the APBT is.


To Be Continued . . .

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