Blog 3: Register your American Bully with a Kennel Club that matters

This is THE PROBLEM. Breeders ARE IRRESPONSIBLE they do things backwards or out of order then expect the registries to take responsibility.

Yes the American Bully Kennel Club is the parent home for our breed.

However, your registry paperwork with ABKC holds absolutely no regard when the authorities come knocking on your door with BSL. UKC is a world renowned kennel club and AKC is the kennel club of our country.

ABKC is just as relevant as ADBA, IOEBA, GSDCA, or ICCF, etc to law enforcement. I am in NO way knocking those registries at all as they are the parent clubs for each breed just stating a fact. Properly register your American Bully as such with UKC for your and their protection!

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