I have two ADULT dogs on my yard that have American Bully Temporary Listing Numbers and have UKC APBT paperwork.

One is already a UKC American Bully Champion. She had a miscarriage on a pup back deal in which the stud owner requests an APBT registered puppy back.

I will only be registering that one puppy as an APBT under their kennel name as I DO NOT sell misrepresentations of the breed. The rest I will transfer her and register the rest of the litter separately as American Bullies. They will also have ABKC paperwork in the meantime.

She will NOT receive her Champion Certificate until she is Permanently Registered but I do have her points count.

The other female is on week 3 of whelping her litter. At week 4, I will be sending in her UKC puppy papers and breed transfer at the same time as I single register her online with ABKC with her UKC ABPT puppy papers. (Her previous owner did not permanent register her.)

When I receive her new Permanent listing number by email, I will online permanent register the litter at 6 weeks. So papers will go directly to new owners with the full 3-7 generation pedigrees. By doing it this way I will have email proof (which the new owners will automatically receive as well).

I will also be DNA-profiling Charlie Muscles as this is his 3rd litter and Ethics suggests it should be done. This also prevents any random person from single registering their dog under my stud as I will challenge any suspicious activity.

Another reason I say stay in your own yard! People want something for nothing all the time. I’d rather hold onto my pups, spay/neuter and send them away to pet homes then drop my price for a breeder that doesn’t do half as much as me. If I choose to keep my pups until 9-12 weeks that’s my option my reasons don’t have to make sense to you.

My customers are happy and that’s all that matters to me because they get what they pay for. It costs a lot of you charging high prices on pups about $30-50 to dual register a litter it costs me hundreds because I do it right but that will pay off in the end and I’m thinking ahead.

My head’s in the clouds because I’m ready to soar above all the stagnant ostriches with their heads in the ground.



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