Blog 4: Stop The Excuses

There is NO legitimate REASON not to register your American Bully as exactly that, they are all just EXCUSES. Just because you don’t do it doesn’t mean your dog is still not an American Bully.

CONCERN 1: I loose the pedigree when I transfer: INCORRECT

You lose the numbers of the ancestors, take a picture before you send your paperwork in – problem solved – when have the numbers of other people’s dogs even been relevant to your use?

CONCERN 2: We lose PR designation: Ok and what does it mean?

“Purple Ribbon” is a distinction UKC gives to a dog if all 14 ancestors within a dog’s three generation pedigree (parents, grandparents, great grandparents) are each registered with United Kennel Club, and are of the same breed.”

So they are not considered of the same breed of course it will fall off you STILL have and keep the 3 generation pedigree when you get your papers back.

It’s two letters it’s NOT a Title or Award, it’s a designation! If you’re worried about it pay the $20 to Bullypedia for the CP designation. It means Certified Pedigree

CONCERN 3: ABKC will NOT accept my single registration American Bully paperwork.

False ABKC WILL do an asseessment to see how your American Bully was registered. If openly with no paperwork NO they will not accept. If a bloodline they DO NOT acknowledge NO they will not accept.

CONCERN 4: ABKC will NOT accept my transferred UKC American Bully paperwork.

False: ABKC WILL accept any AmBullies transferred from APBT that there is not a bloodline challenge. It is SUGGESTED that you single register ABKC first with your APBT paperwork all you need is a picture of the front page and the 3-4 generation pedigree. Their site says 4-gen their application says 3.

CONCERN 5: It will limit my stud selection: NO YOU limit your stud selection.

This ONLY limits your stud selection if the stud owner wants a UKC APBT puppy back in return. Most could care less about UKC since they fail to even feel the need to transfer their dog but will argue until they are blue in the face that their dog is NOT a Pitbull (yes missing the space on purpose). It is just as easy to dual register your bullies ABKC and send them home with the ABKC paperwork and a UKC application for single registration at 6 months. There is NO use for paperwork before 6 months in dog sports so we can skip that excuse.

Actually we can address that too. It takes $20 and 10 minutes to get your dog a Temporary Listing Number to show in UKC so while awaiting your paperwork back you can still show your puppy right at 6 months and go for youngest champion I have one myself my very first production at that.

CONCERN 6: We need a National Breed Club – How when there are only 2 registered American Bully breeders on the UKC page for breeder suggestions? One in Chicago and one in Brazil! That would require actually working together.